grown in australia

Our clear blue skies and pristine oceans,
bathed in bright Australian sunlight,
provide world-class conditions to grow
premium grade seaweed.

why australia

Australia is highly regarded for its pristine environment and ability to produce high quality clean, sustainable foods. Our high export standards guarantee a premium grade export product.

moreton bay

Seaweed needs plenty of sunshine to grow, so where better than Moreton Bay, located in Australia’s famous Sunshine State. Nestled along our idealic Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay draws international tourists to enjoy its turquoise waters, picturesque islands, sandy beaches and incredible sea life such as dolphins, whales, green turtles and giant manta rays – to name just a few! The year round sunshine provides ideal growing conditions for high value, native seaweeds. Moreton Bay is ideally positioned to take advantage of Bribie Island Research Centre, Brisbane’s processing infrastructure, and the Port of Brisbane for direct international export.